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AIDS Action Europe - Stronger Together [AAE] [811116] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

Under its leading title of the FPA 2018 - 2021, Stronger Together, AIDS Action Europe (AAE) will implement its work programme in 2018. As a comprehensive NGO network of 415 NGOs, national networks, AIDS service organisations, and community based groups in 47 countries in the WHO European Region, AAE is a unique player with substantial added value for European policy making and programme implementation in the response to HIV/AIDS, TB and hepatitis.
Considering the epidemiological background of the three diseases and after consulting AAE Members and partners, the following six core thematic areas were identified to focus on in the upcoming four years:
Community based voluntary counselling and testing (CBVCT)
Affordability and accessibility to medicines
Tackling legal barriers in the response to HIV, TB and hepatitis
Criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission
Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)
Tackling stigma and discrimination
The three main objectives of the work are
1.AAE contributes effectively to the HIV, TB and hepatitis response in Europe
2.AAE provides platforms to communicate and facilitate collaboration, networking, and linking and learning
3.Continuous improvement of network collaboration through governance and internal management.
Within Objective I, AAE will serve as the secretariat to the EU CSF, monitor and contribute to policy developments, coordinate the European HIV Legal Forum, and advocate for CS concerns. Objective 2 comprises improved bilingual communication and exchange, intensified social media communication, dissemination of 3rd health programme information and tools, support of national and regional affordability advocacy efforts and provision of capacity building activities. Eventually, objective III includes ensuring topic-related sub-network cooperation, overall governance by the AAE Steering Committee and implementation, monitoring, evaluation, follow-up and fundraising for the work programme.