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Strengthening action on health promotion and health equity in the EU: EuroHealthNet’s proposal for 2018-2021 [EuroHealthNet] [785245] - Framework Partnership Agreement
Project abstract

EuroHealthNet is a leading Partnership bringing together organisations, agencies and statutory bodies to contribute to our common mission of improving health and tackling health inequalities between and within European States.
Health inequalities are unfair and have a huge economic and social costs. Support from the 3rd Health Programme will enable EuroHealthNet to contribute: (1) to reducing health inequalities in Europe, by encouraging countries to act, through consolidated action on the social determinants of health, with a particular focus on children and young people; (2) to reducing the burden of chronic diseases and improving mental health and well-being; (3) to contribute to more innovative, sustainable and equitable health system, by strengthening the role of promotion and disease prevention; and (4) to achieving a high quality and effective European Partnership for improving health equity and well-being.

EuroHealthNet will realise these objectives through cross-cutting work in our three Platforms and through our core services:
POLICY: we monitor, analyse and influence policy at EU and national level and across sectors. We provide guidance to the Partnership about EU policies and vice versa.
PRACTICE: we build capacity and share knowledge among members and associates so that they can learn from and inspire one another, reinforce resources, shape initiatives and implement more ‘state of the art’ approaches in the relevant areas.
RESEARCH: we build the evidence base for effective policies and practices and share the latest evidence with researchers, policy makers and practitioners.
Our core services, which involve our highly effective communication activities, the coordination of Thematic Working Groups (TWIGs), membership development, administration and evaluation, reinforce our work. Our 2018-21 work programme, which focuses on one strategic objective per year, directly contributes to 3/4ths of the objectives of the 3rd Health Programme.

Start date: 06/02/2018
End date: 05/02/2022
Duration: 48 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: 3rd Health Programme (2014-2020)
EC Contribution: € 0,00