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CHRODIS-PLUS: Implementing good practices for chronic diseases [CHRODIS-PLUS] [761307] - Joint Actions
Project abstract

Europe is paying a heavy price for chronic diseases (CD): it has been estimated that CD cost EU economies 115 billion € or 0.8% of GDP annually; and this figure does not include the additional loss in terms of lower employment rates and productivity of people living with chronic health problems. However, the aspiration is a health-promoting Europe, free of preventable CD, premature death and avoidable disability could be possible. Initiatives on CD should build on four cornerstones: health promotion and primary prevention as a way to reduce the burden of CD; patient empowerment; tackling functional decline and quality of life as the main consequences of CD, and making health systems sustainable and responsive to the aging of our populations associated with the epidemiological transition (an increase in incidence of CD and extended life expectancy) whose consequence is an increasing prevalence of CD. In this Joint Action, CHRODIS-PLUS, our goal is to support Member States through cross-national initiatives identified in JA-CHRODIS to reduce the burden of CD, while assuring health systems sustainability and responsiveness. CHRODIS-PLUS aims to promote the implementation of policies and practices with demonstrated success in each of the four cornerstones mentioned, in closely monitored implementation experiences that can be validated before scaling them up. For this, a total of 42 beneficiaries representing 20 European countries will collaborate to implement pilots and generate practical lessons that could contribute to the uptake and use of CHRODIS-PLUS results. Practices to be implemented will be based on the collection of policies, strategies and interventions that started in JA-CHRODIS and in its outputs such as the Integrated Multimorbidity Care Model or the Recommendations for Diabetes Quality criteria or national plans. During the 36-month life CHRODIS-PLUS will disseminate its activities and monitor and evaluate them to verify the progress and impact of the action. CHRODIS-PLUS will look for synergies with international/regional/local policy initiatives in CD. CHRODIS-PLUS will count on the Governing Board of representatives from European Ministries of Health, key to CHRODIS-PLUS development and sustainability, an Executive Board and a General Assembly where all associated partners will gather. A proposal for the EU added value of cross-country collaboration in the field of CD and the sustainability of the results from JA-CHRODIS and CHRODIS-PLUS beyond 2020, when this project ends, will be approved.

Start date: 01/09/2017
End date: 31/08/2020
Duration: 36 month(s)
Current status: Ongoing
Programme title: 3rd Health Programme (2014-2020)
EC Contribution: € 4 999 999,56