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Prevent_FY2014 [Prevent_FY2014] [20133207] - Operating Grant
Mission and vision of the operating grant holder

The members of the European Network of Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) work together towards the vision `healthy employees in healthy organisations`. They are committed to the mission of developing and promoting good workplace health practice, which in turn contributes to a high level of health protection and sustainable economic and social development in Europe.
This vision is part of a broader vision at European policy level: The EU Lisbon Agenda identifies the goal for this decade to develop the EU region `to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion`. In this context workplace health promotion is part of the concept of quality in work with impacts on productivity, employment and social cohesion.

Healthy work impacts on the quality of working life and non-working life, and contributes to the level of health protection of communities and populations. It also impacts on microeconomic performance (productivity and innovation) and macroeconomic performance (efficiency of the health care, welfare and education sector, competitiveness of businesses at company, national and European level). Healthy work finally also contributes to social cohesion.

Healthy work is organised through processes both inside and outside enterprises that are based on the general management cycle, and specifically include infrastructure building and marketing.

With its vision and mission, ENWHP contributes especially to the reduction of health inequalities, to the development of a European health information system and to improving important health determinants with impacts on all relevant settings in working and non-working life.

Strategic objectives and specific activities

According to its general mission and vision statement ENWHP seeks to achieve two core goals:
1. All ENWHP member countries should have access to supportive WHP infrastructures at national level.
2. To significantly increase the number of European employees who work in enterprises and other organisations committed to practices and policies for promoting health.

In order to pursue these goals ENWHP developed a strategy based on a framework with three strands:
1° National Networks for WHP
This strand focuses on the development of supportive infrastructures for the dissemination and implementation of the knowledge-base by facilitating the establishment of national platforms for WHP open to all interested stakeholders. The platforms provide an access point for all interested stakeholders and offer the opportunity to exchange information and address the needs of companies on workplace health. In this way ENWHP contributes to reducing the gap between action at European and national level, improves the access to good practice knowledge across Europe and shift workplace health higher on the various political agendas.
Stakeholders can be both institutional (governmental bodies, institutes for social security, social partner organisations, etc) and non-institutional, encompassing a broad range of stakeholders at enterprise level (owner, management, employees, occupational physicians, HR managers, etc)

2° WHP tools for companies
This strand focuses on providing information and tools for companies. For instance the development of auto-evaluation tools for companies, providing advice and stimulate new initiatives at company level across Europe. This strand also comprises the collection of good practices that promote and improve workplace health. The good practices are brought together in a toolbox that contains programmes, projects and instruments across a wider range of workplace health issues and settings. It can be accessed as a database on the website of the network. Partners of the network such as the OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Agency have expressed their interest of disseminating/exploiting the good practices from ENWHP`s Initiatives.

3° WHP campaigns
This strand focuses on setting up campaigns to promote Workplace health by increasing the awareness of companies and the general public about the needs and benefits of workplace health promotion and by attracting companies to take part in the campaign and to convince them to set up WHP initiatives.

All three strands are continuously developed by the activities and initiatives of the ENWHP.

Expected outcomes

The proposed work programme supports the ENWHP objectives of increasing the number of employees working in enterprises committed to practices and policies for promoting health; and of providing the ENWHP members with information, tools and supportive infrastructure enabling them to further develop a national network for WHP. Three types of activities are defined.

1) Network consolidation
The implementation of WHP infrastructures helps to deepen the transfer of knowledge and encourages further dissemination of WHP in Europe. Therefore the network will be enlarged
with associated members, and collaborative agreements and activities will be sought with other networks. Other EU initiatives on WHP will be attended and actively supported.
The secretariat will maintain a close collaboration with the National Contact Offices; they represent their country as a member in the network and co-ordinate the activities of the network at national level. Consolidation will also include the monitoring of the activities of other organisations in order to create synergies and broaden the exchange of experience. Two network meetings will allow the secretariat to communicate about the activities and will give the possibility to exchange knowledge about European and national activities and initiatives.

2) Capacity building
Specific objectives are to encourage and support activities initiated by the members by increasing their visibility across Europe. The secretariat will stimulate the exchange of experiences and good workplace health practices between the members and promote cross-national collaboration. By contributing with own knowledge and experiences, the members will empower the activities of the network and commit to a high level of health protection and sustainable economic and social development in Europe.

Three task forces allow the network and NCO`s in particular to address specific topics such as campaigning/dissemination, research and education/training. Three round table meetings in three member states will be organised, allowing the NCO to build a national forum on WHP or strengthen an existing national network. By inviting experts to the round tables, ENWHP will make sure to stay informed about new insights and opportunities concerning WHP. The assessment tools and quality criteria will be evaluated and disseminated to a broad audience of potentional and newly established associated members.
A webinar will be tested. Also the website and newsletter will report on policy and research developments on WHP in Europe. The outputs of the ENWHP conference on job retention and return to work of employees with a chronic disease in October 2013 will be broadly disseminated by the network by identifying "Gateways". These are developments on the public health and socio-economic plan(legislative changes, restructuring and public health reforms and debates, interprofessional negociations, elections, etc.

3) Communications and relations
Specific objectives are the support and coordination of the network activities and the provision of the communication means to ensure a strong adhesion of the members and recognition of external stakeholders. Therefore the instruments and tools developed in past campaigns (ENWHP quality criteria for WHP programmes, good practices, assessment tools)will be disseminated and promoted. The secretariat will be responsible for website management, PR products development, newsletters, social media use.

By communicating on a regular basis with the ENWHP members as well as with the stakeholders, a continuous information flow can be ensured. Members will be supported through the preparation of website articles and alerting services. Stakeholders are the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work, the Public Health Agency Network, the WHO health promotion networks.
The communication with the media at national and European level will be strenghtened; the
presswork includes articles and media monitoring.

Start date: 01/01/2014
End date: 01/01/2015
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 99 404,00
Portfolio: Patient safety