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SANL_FY2014 [SANL_FY2014] [20133205] - Operating Grant
Mission and vision of the operating grant holder

Stichting Aids Fonds - STOP AIDS NOW! - Soa Aids Nederland (SANL) is host organisation of the network AIDS Action Europe (AAE). SANL is a national organisation that aims to prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and improve the quality of STI control in the Netherlands. The operating grant is requested for the core work programme of AAE.
AAE’s mission is to bring together civil society to work towards a more effective response to the HIV epidemic in Europe and Central Asia. We strive for the best standards of human rights protection and universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support. We aim to reduce health inequalities focusing on most at risk populations and the epidemic in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
We envision a world where people living with, affected by and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS enjoy life free from stigma, discrimination and persecution, and have access to prevention, treatment, care and support equally across Europe and Central Asia.
AAE`s policy, advocacy and linking and learning work is shaped by a set of core values: be accountable and hold others accountable; be transparent; be inclusive; put in practice the GIPA principle (greater involvement of people living with HIV); work from a human rights based approach; facilitate a networking and partnership culture; be cost-effective; and make a difference.
Our mission is communicated through our website, social media, in our promotion leaflet, work plans and annual reports, among others.
The AAE Steering Committee recently started a strategic discussion which resulted in an adapted and more focused mission and strategic objectives. Throughout 2013 the SC will work on an adapted strategic plan for the coming period.

Strategic objectives and specific activities

Framed by our mission, vision, guiding principles and core values, AAE’s strategic objectives in Europe and Central Asia are to:
- Serve as a gateway to members to drive forward advocacy for HIV policy change.
- Provide a platform for regular information exchange, knowledge sharing and networking.
- Develop a stronger more effective organisation and network amongst our members.
AAE’s core activities focus around advocacy and policy advice, linking & learning and network strengthening. Starting from the epidemiological reality of our region combined with human rights and public health challenges, our work prioritises the groups that are most affected: men having sex with men, people using drugs and migrants. Within this context, we aim to strengthen civil society`s response since non-governmental organisations (NGOs)and community based groups in our region have been at the forefront of providing services and support for the above groups and PLHIV.
Our strategic objectives were recently further operationalised as follows:
- Advocate for policy change on behalf of AAE members
- Support the advocacy for policy change of AAE membership
- Establish more effective links and relationships among stakeholders
- Create and opportunity to learn
Advocacy and policy advice:
AAE undertakes advocacy efforts and is continuously involved in policy influencing and advice at the European level. As co-chair, together with EATG, of the HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum (CSF) since 2005, we prepare, organise and chair 2 CSF meetings yearly (Luxembourg). AAE also acts as rapporteur of the CSF meetings and ensures follow-up including exchange and communication among the CSF members. AAE is also a member of the HIV/AIDS Think Tank (TT) and has 3 seats at the twice-yearly TT meetings following the CSF. The CSF and TT advisory bodies enable AAE’s pro-active involvement in development and implementation of European HIV/AIDS policies. We played a key role in the development as well as monitoring of implementation of the EU HIV/AIDS Communication 2009-2013. In 2013 AAE is advocating for the development of a third EU policy beyond 2013. At this time we don`t know if there will be a new Communication, Action Plan or other format. But in our role as CSF co-chair we will continue to be involved in implementation, M&E of EU & neighbouring HIV policy. In our overall advocacy we will continue to raise awareness about the main challenges for our region, with a specific focus on legal issues. We will organise a second round table of the European HIV Legal Forum, following the first one in 2013.
Linking & learning:
AAE has committed itself to prevent duplication of existing activities by stimulating linking and learning and encouraging our members and partners to share their work. In 2007 we launched the Clearinghouse – the online database on HIV and AIDS for Europe and Central Asia. As a subsite of the AAE website, it is closely linked to the members profiles on The maintenance and promotion of the AAE website and Clearinghouse has evolved into one of AAE’s core activities. Maintenance includes weekly updates of the site as well as its hosting and making technical (usability) improvements. Promotion takes place through different communications activities, including our social media channels, bi-monthly Network News, bi-monthly Clearinghouse updates; (e)mailings; dissemination of leaflet and other promotion material; presentations at events and promotion through other websites (link-seeding).
AAE is also involved, through separate funding channels, as member in the IQHIV initiative and partner in the Joint Action `Improving Quality in HIV Prevention`.

Expected outcomes

The work programme contributes to AAE`s strategy 2011-2015 (recently partially adapted)
Objective I: Strengthen civil society contributions to regional and national HIV/AIDS policies and programmes
1. Act as CSF co-chair
(manage CSF coordination group[AAE co-chair reimbursed as external expert]; organise 2 CSF meetings (Luxembourg); manage online CSF group; produce letters & calls for support)
2. Contribute to implementation, monitoring & evaluation of European HIV policy
(coordinate CSF input in EC policy implementation & monitoring; input into WHO/UNAIDS/ECDC policies)
3. Coordinate European HIV Legal Forum (EHLF) (organise round table of 5 founding member countries in Amsterdam; manage listserv)
4. Advocate as AAE for civil society concerns at European policy opportunities
(participate & present in key European events [travel of staff, SC Chair & CSF co-chair to represent civil society])
-NGOs/stakeholders are well-informed about policy developments (Indicators(I): 2 CSF meetings with 40 people from 25 countries; no. of NGOs receiving information on CSF agenda/ reports; 90% CSF members satisfied with quality of information)
-CSF involved in implementation of new EU policy (I: new policy is on agenda of both CSF meetings
-Civil society concerns are advocated for at European policy opportunities (I: min. 2 meetings where AAE presented civil society concerns; report round table EHLF)

Objective II: Facilitate collaboration, linking & learning, and good practice exchange among NGOs, networks, policy makers and other stakeholders
5.Offer good practice exchange via Clearinghouse
(maintenance + promotion Clearinghouse [ EN/RU, Clearinghouse Update EN/RU, Facebook, Twitter, Network News EN/RU, tailored mailings EN/RU, Youtube EN/RU, RSS, link seeding, leaflet, events][subcontract for management of Russian communication channels])
6.Promote linking & learning through collaboration with members/partners/(EU)projects
(above communication channels + tailored mailings)
7.Communicate effectively with AAE network
(tailored mailings EN/RU, social media, website EN/RU, newsletters EN/RU, leaflet, events, RSS)
-Clearinghouse + users regularly updated (I: bi-monthly Clearinghouse Updates; 50% new uploads communicated via Facebook + Twitter)
-Target group use Clearinghouse more (I: 5% increase in new publications and accounts, 5%increase in downloads, 25% traffic via referring sites, 30% return visits)
-News, publications, events, info about and materials of members/partners disseminated through our communication channels (I: via website, members/partners/EU project profiles, Network News and Clearinghouse Update, Facebook, Twitter)
- Strengthened connection with network (I: 460 members, 1300 monthly web visits, 30% return visits, 30% referring traffic via social media, 500 followers on twitter, 900 facebook fans, 5% more opens and click-throughs of tailored mailings)

Objective III: Manage internal processes to successfully implement work programme
8. Overall governance by AAE SC
(general management, governance, M&E, 1 SC/staff meeting [Amsterdam], 6 conference calls [SC Chair reimbursed as external expert for overall supervision, SC members travel reimbursed])
9. Implement, monitor, evaluate and fundraise for work programme
(staff & Chair SC meetings; quarterly progress reports; annual report; donor relation management)
- Work programme 2014 implemented as planned (I: 1 SC meeting report; minutes 6 teleconferences; 95% work done; 2013 annual report online; quarterly progress reports)

Start date: 01/01/2014
End date: 01/01/2015
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 134 527,32