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Health promotion and prevention of risk – action for seniors [Pro-Health 65+] [20131210] - Project
General objectives

The ultimate (indirect) objective of the project is to contribute to sustaining health of older people in their longer and more active life span. To rich the objective, it is necessary to develop knowledge of factors influencing healthy aging. Such knowledge is more and more available but it is not equally common in all groups of the elderly and in all European countries. At the same time, knowledge of medically reasonable and cost-effective methods of health promotion among older people in various stages of aging is rather modest. An important and direct objective of the project is to contribute to the proven knowledge of health promotion among older people. To implement research results among health promoters, materials and trainings will be provided. This is the second important direct objective of the project. Milestones achieved by this project will strenghten European and national health programs of healthy aging.

Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme

Pro-Health 65+ project corresponds with directions of strategic EU programs (The Second and the Third Health Programme). It is focused on ‘Investing in Health’ as part of the Social Investment Package for growth and cohesion through professionally designed health promotion programs implemented by well-informed and efficiently operating health promoters. It is targeted at the elderly with the intention of providing them with good health and good quality of life and enabling them to be active and socially integrated (Healthy Aging). It will be implemented as a collaborative project in close cooperation with partner countries (‘Together for Health’) using a variety of research and institutional experience. It will be important to add the project activity to other European and national activities so that they are complementary and compatible. Of course the project takes into account necessary economic criteria which help to use resources efficiently and maintain sustainability of the health system.

Methods and means

This project is about research and implementation so we will use two sets of tools. For research, we will accumulate and develop knowledge: analyze previous studies related to the subject and health status of older people and their determinants (social, economic and cultural) in different stages of life; identify and evaluate health promotion methods; analyze institutions of health promoters and also funding, distribution, and modelling of financial circuit and incentives; critically review cost-effectiveness analysis. Quality will be guaranteed by supervision of the Advisory Board and will be assessed in accordance with the rules of the project. For the implementation of project results, we plan to prepare a manual for health promotion that will help to fill the most common knowledge gaps among street level health promoters and training materials for key institutions providing health promotion for the elderly. We will also conduct training in cooperation with the newly created Board of Health Promoters for selected street-level health promoters in the project countries.

Expected outcomes period

Widespread knowledge and use of evidence based and economically effective methods of health promotion within different groups of street-level health promoters (health care practitioners, policy-makers, local and NGOs activists, social workers, trade unionists, journalists etc.) is one direct result of the project. Analyzing different institutions of public health, legal basis, sources and methods of financing and ways of conducting the work in this area, will enrich the knowledge on possibilities and barriers related to promoting health. Possessing and developing knowledge on proven and cost-effective methods of health promotion and methods of transmitting this knowledge will strenghten the argument in favor of healthy aging in European health plans. The project will contribute to the application of relevant health promotion methods in joint actions in the field of public health. This will increase health literacy among the elderly and extend their healthy lifestyles. It will also result in limiting the risk of chronic diseases and accidents. Healthy life years period will increase.

Start date: 01/01/2014
End date: 01/01/2017
Duration: 36 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 960 165,00
Portfolio: Ageing