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EUROPA DONNA - The European Breast Cancer Coalition [ED_FY2012] [20113302] - Operating Grant
Mission and vision of the operating grant holder

MISSION: EUROPA DONNA - The European Breast Cancer Coalition (ED) is an independent, non-profit pan-European coalition of affiliated grassroots groups whose mission is to ensure that all women have access to accurate information and the highest quality breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. We are widely recognised to be Europe`s BC advocacy organisation, with 17 years experience advocating for evidence-based best practice breast services.

VISION: ED provides critically important advocacy, education and information with the aim of:
- greatly INCREASING EARLY DETECTION and thereby drastically DECREASING MORTALITY resulting from breast cancer
- bringing the QUALITY OF TREATMENT to the highest level for ALL women suffering from breast cancer and thereby DECREASING MORTALITY resulting from the disease
- increasing PREVENTION, by promoting and educating all European women about healthy lifestyle practices

ED`s general objectives are its Ten Goals, which are based on the aims enshrined in its Constitution. We seek: to promote the dissemination and exchange of factual, up-to-date information on breast cancer throughout Europe; to promote breast awareness; to emphasise the need for appropriate screening and early detection; to campaign for the provision of optimum treatment; to ensure provision of quality supportive care throughout and after treatment; to advocate appropriate training for health professionals; to acknowledge good practice and promote its development; to demand regular quality assessment of medical equipment; to ensure that all women understand fully any proposed treatment options, including entry into clinical trials and their right to a second opinion; to promote the advancement of breast cancer research.

VALUES: ED provides women in member countries with scientifically proven info, evidence-based education and tools, a sense of cross-border solidarity and the collective power necessary to bring about change while reducing inequalities betw countries.

The above are communicated to stakeholders on ED websites, publications and at events.

Strategic objectives and specific activities

ED`s general OBJECTIVES are its 10 GOALS, based on the AIMS laid down in its CONSTITUTION.

Today, ED works to ensure that women are aware of EU Breast Cancer Resolutions of 2003 & 2006, and works toward the implementation of these Resolutions & ensuring that breast cancer (BC) services are delivered in line with the EU Guidelines. ED activities therefore directly address the JA EPAAC pillar of identification & promotion of good practice in cancer-related healthcare. ED is a Collaborating Partner on 2 work packages within EPAAC: WP5 (Prevention) and WP8 (Healthcare).

ED works toward achieving its objectives by developing advocacy programmes at European & national levels. In 2007 ED undertook a STRATEGIC REVIEW which led to the formulation of a 5-YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN. ED`s activities for 2012 continue that strategy & build on the outcomes & results of activities in 2008-2011 whilst taking into account developments & changes in its operational environment.

ED`s Strategic Plan identified 3 major OPERATIONAL OBJECTIVES: 1) strengthen ED`s capabilities; 2) intensify country support; 3) intensify European presence. These operational objectives are addressed by ED`s ongoing activities described below. Our core activities (vs. project-based activities) are those we consider to be ESSENTIAL to ED`s functioning & to the training of our advocates.

ADVOCACY TRAINING COURSE (Obj 1, 2; CORE): this annual, intensive 2.5 day course (on scientific aspects, EU Guidelines, SBUs, mammography screening, communication skills training, capacity building) ensures that we are constantly educating NEW advocates; EUROPEAN BREAST CANCER CONFERENCE (EBCC) (All Obj; EBCC Prep CORE) at this biennial conference (co-organized by ED, EORTC, & EUSOMA), 5,000 participants learn about the latest scientific advances on all BC topics; ED PAN-EUROPEAN CONFERENCE: this biennial conference responds exclusively to the needs of BC advocates. NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE DAY: Leaders of ED`s National Fora meet for updates on advocacy topics & managing a national non-profit org.

BREAST HEALTH DAY: Resulting from the 2007 Strategic Plan, this unique prevention campaign was launched in 2008 as a yearly educational Pan-European event. Using media, social networking & digital tools to widely disseminate information concerning the HEALTH DETERMINANTS that strongly influence the disease as well as the importance of early detection through mammography screening programmes set up in accordance with EU guidelines;

Through this, ED ensures that women have access to accurate, up-to-date information on breast cancer issues via its WEBSITES and PUBLICATIONS i.e. ANNUAL NEWSLETTER & BHD NEWS. We produce INFO BOOKLETS on areas such as Breast Health and Clinical Trials & issue conference proceedings. We publish POLICY STATEMENTS on subjects such as genomics. New ED member organisations are sent our MEMBERSHIP TOOLKIT.

A major ED advocacy initiative has been the publication of the SHORT GUIDE TO THE EU GUIDELINES. This booklet is crucial to our advocacy efforts at a national level, therefore we have instigated a major translation programme (11 languages so far).

ADVOCACY Programme:
FORUM SUPPORT PROJECT: a committee of ED Board Members & the CEO work to help ED national groups find solutions to the different issues they face.
ADVOCACY PROGRAMME: ED represents the interests of European women to EU institutions, bringing BC issues to the attention of MEPs and the Commission both directly & via expert meetings, conferences, Infodays etc. ED provides ongoing input into new health strategies to ensure that BC issues will be addressed & also positions itself to respond to drafts of legislation.

Expected outcomes

ED`s 2012 Work Programme is focused on achieving its main organisational objectives: to ensure that all women in Europe have access to state-of-the-art-early detection & treatment of breast cancer, and to ensure that all women are educated concerning breast health. Many of the activities have been programmed repeatedly over numerous years, and consistently updated & improved to best meet organisational objectives.

Specific actions in 2012, following ED`s Strategic Plan and Activities, & building on ED`s work plans of 2008-2011, are described below:

Activities, Methods & Means:
- Through the ADVOCACY TRAINING COURSE, EBCC PREPARATION, ED PUBLICATIONS and WEB SITES, we will provide simple, clear & scientifically sound information that national Fora can use effectively in their advocacy efforts of disseminating up-to-date breast health info to women & girls in their countries
- Through ADVOCACY TRAINING COURSE, EBCC PREPARATION, ATTENDANCE OF MEETINGS WITH OTHER ORGANISATIONS IN THE FIELD, FORUM SUPPORT PROJECT, ED BOARD MEETINGS and GENERAL ASSEMBLY, we will provide a forum in which members from a broad spectrum of European countries learn from one another through the exchange of ideas, experiences & best practices
- Through ADVOCACY TRAINING COURSE and FORUM SUPPORT PROJECT we will provide experts on important topics who have broad & deep knowledge of breast cancer issues and a successful advocacy track record who will mentor ED members with the ultimate aim of overcoming inequalities by helping to bring every country to the level of breast health service described in the EU Guidelines & equalizing European women`s breast health knowledge
- We will promote healthy ways of life regarding breast cancer prevention through: OUR 2 WEBSITES, BREAST HEALTH DAY NEWS, ED NEWSLETTER, ED GUIDE TO BREAST HEALTH

Expected outcomes:
In carrying out our 2012 Work Programme we expect to: 1) arm ED fora with accurate, up-to-date information & proven strategies to lead their countries in advocating for improved breast health services & directly educating women & girls in their countries about breast health, & 2) directly educate women about the importance of breast cancer screening, early detection, breast cancer issues & services, & breast health. This will lead to the reduction of inequalities in services & public health knowledge &, ultimately, decrease mortality resulting from breast cancer and elevate prevention of the disease.

Target groups: ED will target our 46 member countries with these activities, giving special attention to countries that are experiencing difficulties through our FORUM SUPPORT PROJECT(i.e. Austria, Germany, Lithuania in 2012) ; thus, we aim to bridge inequalities.

Ethical aspects: ED respects cultural differences & religious sensibilities that exist among our member countries & works to find common ground & develop programmes that meet their diverse needs.

ED is often invited to participate in projects by outside organisations. All projects are reviewed with care by the CEO & Board to ensure that they meet our ethical standard, e.g. we will not support projects that endeavour to provide or promote a level of service lower than that defined by EU Guidelines to countries with lesser economic resources or different customs.

Start date: 01/01/2012
End date: 01/01/2013
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 273 415,00