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5th European Patients' Rights Day:Putting Citizens at the Center of EU Health Policy [EU Patients' Rights Day 2011] [20104304] - Conference
General objectives

The EU Patients Rights Day offers an excellent opportunity to highlight that citizens should be at the center of the health agenda.

The core values of EU health policy are ensuring citizens` empowerment, reducing inequalities in health and using scientific evidence to drive policy. These values are also supported by EU health ministers, who agreed on a list of overarching values in EU healthcare systems in June 2006. These values encompass 11 of the 14 of the patients rights in the European Charter drafted by citizens demonstrating that Ministers of Health, citizens and EU institutions share the same vision of healthcare. Therefore, we should reflect even more on how these shared goals to promote patients rights are translated into action. The challenge is now turning this value-based vision of health policy and healthcare systems into a tangible reality.

As the former Health Commissioner Vassiliou mentioned in her speech during the 3rd EU Patients` Rights Day conference organized by ACN last year, we must do more than just set up principles we must also come up with concrete measures to make real improvements in practice. I agree on the importance of safeguarding patients` rights, despite the growing complexity of healthcare and we all have a role to play in this area. It is occasions such as EU Patients` Rights Day that remind us of this fact, and help us come together to help put words into action.
The main objectives
1. To bring together a wide range of stakeholders throughout Europe to reflect on what is currently being done regarding patients` rights and identify concrete EU actions that can be taken on by all stakeholders.
2. Increase awareness and information on the actual situation of patients` rights at EU and national level.
3. Collect and share good practices on the involvement of citizens and patients in health policy and the implementation of patients` rights.
4. Disseminate results of the EU conference with stakeholders at national level and propose concrete actions can then be evaluate in the next 6th EU Patients` Rights Day
5. Integrate the EU Patients` Rights Day in the context of the EU Year of Vountary activities

Expected achievements

This is a multi-stakeholder conference though the main targets are European citizen & patient is important to highlight the importance of the participation of medical profession representative and other health-care stakeholders.
Some of the expected participating speakers,and the members of the steering committee who will lead the different session of the conference should be:
- The representatives of the most important European Networks on Health: They will represent the people involved in the concrete implementation of patients` rights such as doctors, nurses, hospitals, associations, pharmacists, patients` organizations of course: the CPME (Steering Committee of European Doctors); EPF (European Patient Forum) PGEU(the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union); the European Federation of Nurses Association EFN; HOPE the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation
- European Institutions:
The opening remarks should be done by the European Commissioner, John Dalli who participated in the last EPRD. We are in contact with his Secretary and waiting for being confirmed is presence; Staffan Nilsson, the President of the EESC. The Members of the European Parliament (in particular the MEPs who promoted and actively participated in the last EPRDs)-Antonyia Parvanova (ALDE, BL)-Gianni Pittella,Vice-President European Parliament (S&D, IT) Franse Grosset (PPE, FR)-Corinne Lepage(ALDE, FR) Roberta Angelilli, Vice-President European Parliament(PPE, IT)etc. The representative of the EC DG SANCO Andrzej Rys.
-National partners(as specified in target participants)

The number of participants expected in the European Conference will be around 200 from which 70% will come from 30 European countries (member states,candidate and associate) and 30% from EU Networks and other stakeholders directly in Brussels. Approximately 36,720 Euro of the budget under other costs is dedicated to the travel and accommodations for citizens and patient organizations from 30 European countries.

Over the past 4 years in the European events between 120 180 have participated therefore there should not be any difficulty in reaching our goal in number as well as diversity of stakeholder. In addition to the European events there will be national dissemination events in most of the European Countries with approximately 30 to 50 participants with the potential to reach over 1000 participants Europe wide: the objective is to reach the diverse health-care stakeholders present in the national context.

The European conference target is the following:-A member of a citizen org. and a member of a patients org. from European countries (2 participants x 27 EU member states + Macedonia and Croatia) for a total of about 58 representatives from national citizen and patient organization. Their travel and accommodations will be covered by the conference budget in other costs (36,720)
- National authorities from each involved country -Industries (national and European)
-EU networks -Academics -Representatives from European Institutions.

Target audience

The conference is multi-stakeholder and it is importance to guarantee the participation of the various stakeholder groups at the EU as well as national level. The conference will be an occasion to inform, discuss and take commitments to empower citizens to actively participate in health policy and in doing so put citizens at the center of EU health policy.

For that reason even though this conference is directed to diverse stakeholders the main target will be citizen and patient organisations from the EU member states. Putting citizens in the center of EU health policy means listening to them and engaging with them together with health professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacist), & national health authorities.
To guarantee the greatest diversity of stakeholders will we work in collaboration with other European Networks as in the past years. This has always been one of the main success factor regarding the previous EU Patients Rights Days. (for the details see the participants expected description).

The organizations currently involved (and that will also organize the dissemination events) are: Belgium: Vlaams Patienplatform vzw and Ligue des Usagers des Services de Santulgaria: Index Foundation; Croatia: Croatian Association for Patients`rights; Cyprus: Limassol District Committee for Examining Patients`Complaints and European Social Forum of Cyprus; Estonia: Estonian Patient Advocacy Association; Finland: Sosiaali-ja terveysj est jen yhteisty yhdistys YTY ry; France: CISS Collectif Interassociatif Sur la Sant and Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris; Germany: Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Versicherte und Patienten e.V.; Greece: Europaiki Ekfrassi; Hungary: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union; Latvia: PatientsOmbud Office; Lithuania: Council of Representatives of Patients Organizations of Lithuania; Macedonia: CRPRC `Studiorum`; Malta: Malta Health Network; Poland: Foundation Institute for Patient`s Rights & Health Education; Portugal: Associa PAR Respostas Sociais; Romania:Romanian Multiple Sclerosis Society; Slovak Republic: Zdruenie na ochranu prspotrebitelov v Poprade; Spain; Sociedad Espanola de Atencion al Usuario de la sanidad and Spanish Patient Forum; UK: Pelvic Pain Support Network.
Most of them was been already involved last year.

Conference programme

In general the conference program content together with speakers need to be discussed with the Steering and Scientific Committee. This is the first step in the preparation phase. For this reason we can not provide at this moment a detailed program with the specific topic of each workshop or key speech.

However, based on our 8 yrs experience organizing European conferences we can provide the following basic outline regarding structure and time:

The Conference will be a day and half. The first day will include a morning session dedicated to general speakers providing the framework for the event, the presentation of a selected good practices and opening remarks from the Commissioner. Will be focused on reflecting on the actual situation of patients` rights also launching the final Report of the ACN`s project on Assessing Patients` Rights in Europe.

The afternoon will be composed of breakout sessions - work groups (3) that will be based, as a start point and guide, on the last three Rights of the European Charter of Patients` Rights: The Rights of Active Citizenship: the Right to perform general interest activities; the Right to perform advocacy activities; the Right to participate in policy-making in the area of health. The objective of these working groups are to propose concrete actions that can be taken at the European and national level by the various stakeholders present.

The first day will finish with a networking cocktail. In identifying the venue for the conference we will try to find a place the allows a space for organizations to have an exposition of their materials.

The second day morning session will be dedicated to the presentation of the proposed actions and discussion. This could also be an important moment for the European Institutions to comment on possible forms of collaboration. The output could be: steps or actions that can be taken to put citizens in the centre of EU Health Policy from now until the next European Patients` Rights Day.

What is important is that at the end there is a document and concrete actions that can then be evaluated at a later period and that in this document all stakeholder take responsibility to take action.

The second day will finish with lunch to give the opportunity for the majority of participants to travel back to their countries. To facilitate the travel for participants coming from member states as well as the participation of European institutions and European Networks the conference will be held in Brussels (we are waiting for two responses in relation to the room that we use for the conference. We asked the availability of a room both to the European Parliament, where we have already held two conferences for the European Patients` Rights Day in 2008 and 2010 and the Economic and Social Committee, where last year we held training for our partner associations).

The conference date will be the 11-12th of April 2011 (the date might be modified according to the Commissioner Dalli`s agenda).

Start date: 11/04/2011
End date: 11/01/2012
Duration: 9 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 75 125,00
Portfolio: Patient safety