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The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region [ASPHER_FY2011] [20103202] - Operating Grant
Mission and vision of the operating grant holder

Founded in 1966, ASPHER is the key independent organisation in Europe dedicated to strengthening the role of public health (PH) by improving the education and training (E&T) of PH professionals for practice and research. It represents the scientific and academic components of the PH workforce education and advanced training.
[ref.p.11 Track 1]

ASPHER members are collectively committed to PH capacity building. Whilst respecting the European diversity of national and regional contexts in which each school of PH operates, ASPHER promotes structured processes of sharing evidence-based PH, models of innovation and good practice, and mobilizing schools of PH to be pro-active in shaping the PH core competencies.
[ref.p.11 Track 2]

ASPHER`s strategic vision includes the promotion of the highest standards of E&T for practice increasingly involving cross-sectoral intervention and global as much as EU wide and national issues. A key role for advocacy and communication to promote and incorporate European values into the wider PH movement is also assumed by ASPHER.
[ref.p.11 Track 3, H-Track]

Strategic objectives and specific activities

The ASPHER 2015 strategic planning initiative identified a clear strategic direction for the association, manifested in the work plans of the seven workforces which were set up based on top priorities emerging from the consultation process [see: Annex 1. ASPHER 2015: From priority setting to implementation of strategy for the European Association of Schools of PH]. The general objectives of each workforce are outlined below.

1) Global Health: To create a single forum for interested academic institutions with involvement in Global Health to exchange views and ideas, so as to develop a European voice on Global Health issues and influence relevant policies;

2) Doctoral Programmes and Research Capacities: To define the models and formulate recommendations re: European standards for PhD in PH, leading to organisation of a common European PhD training programme in PH;

3) Innovation and Good Practice in PH Education: To propose PH performance standards (related to European PH competencies) and to translate them into teaching/training modules for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education in PH;

4) PH Core Competencies: To develop and to refine a European system of competencies to support both PH education and PH practice, appropriate to the population health challenges and PH systems across Europe;

5) Accreditation for PH Education: To develop the standardisation and quality criteria with respect to PH education leading to the establishment of a European Accreditation Agency for PH Education;

6) PH Advocacy and Communication: To motivate schools of PH to promote academic and advanced training programmes based on evidence and research related to PH advocacy and communication topics including health literacy and interventions to change behaviors;

7) Ethics and Values in PH: to devise an ethical framework for PH teaching/practice and promote its adoption;

Other activities > ASPHER Forums:
- Annual Conference (European Public Health Conference),
- Deans` and Directors` Retreat,
- Summer Schools (support role only),
- Young Researchers` Forum,
- Public Health Reviews Journal,
- Members` Blog,
- Public Health Employment Portal.

Expected outcomes

ASPHER WP 2011 includes 3 tracks of activities and 1 horizontal stream of actions:

A. Development of the coordinating structures: (i) to launch the accreditation system for PH education, and (ii) to oversee and validate the process of developing and refining a European system of PH core competencies; in collaboration with other key PH organisations, mainly EUPHA; [ref.p.17 EUPHA]
B. Workshops with PH workforce: to identify, validate and refine competencies with local PH workforces and schools of PH. 4 such workshops will be organised in 2011 (1 in SE, 1 in SW, 1 in NE, and 1 in NW Europe); [ref.p.17 EuroHealthNet, EHMA]
C. Masterclasses for senior decision-makers: to engage senior representatives of health ministries and PH service employers to strengthen the relevance and utility of PH competencies. In 2011 there will be 1 masterclass organised; [ref.p.17 EPHA]
D. Conference (pre-conference event to European PH Conference 2011):
`Introducing a Competencies-based Accreditation System for PH Education in Europe`.

ASPHER Workforces in lead of this track:
PH Core Competencies
Accreditation for PH Education

A. Seminars with schools of PH and their local PH service provider organisations, including the use of webcast to connect with national/European decision-makers and other schools; networking exercise/best practice sharing; lifelong learning/continuous education. 2 such seminars will take place in 2011; these will also serve the need of track 1 activities.
B. Survey among PH service institutions on the draft performance standards (PS) and a series of interviews with key resource persons in Europe: to propose PH PS (related to PH competencies) and to translate them into PH curricula at all 3 Bologna levels paying attention to the principles of interdisciplinarity and multiprofessionality.
C. Young Researchers Forum (pre-conference event to European PH Conference 2011).

ASPHER Workforces in lead of this track:
Innovation and Good-practice in PH Education
Doctoral Programmes and Research Capacities

A. Developing Statement on PH Ethics (to be adopted by ASPHER and EUPHA), as well as a core curriculum on PH Ethics for MPH courses. The group will meet once in 2011.
B. Fostering exchange of ideas and collaboration between European global health institutions on research, teaching, and capacity building. The group will meet once in 2011. It will also organise 2 seminars in Brussels with the involvement of EU policy-makers on selected global health issues.

ASPHER Workforces in lead of this track:
Ethics and Values in PH
Global Health

A. On-line resource centre for PH education and training (E&T): resource centre for PH E&T will be a unique initiative of that kind in Europe; linked with the ASPHER website it will allow the creation of an online community of PH experts and greater collection of PH E&T materials. It will incorporate a multidimensional search facility and a networking mode allowing members to categorise themselves into institutions, countries, projects, and to create, invite and participate in a group/event initiatives, etc; to increase understanding, dialogue and cooperation. After the initial investment, the resource centre will be self-susitainable based on the ASPHER organisational capacity.
B. PH Reviews Journal: to develop the special issue on PH Training and Education.
C. To develop policy brief on PH Workforce and Skills Development; [ref.p.17 Observatory]

ASPHER Workforce in lead of this track:
PH Advocacy and Communication

Start date: 01/01/2011
End date: 01/01/2012
Duration: 12 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 160 000,00
Portfolio: Interest groups