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Joint Action for European Community Health Indicators and Monitoring [Joint Action for ECHIM ] [20082391] - Joint Actions
General objectives

1) Implementing ECHI Indicators in all Member States (MSs)
2) Improving, documenting and maintaining ECHI Indicators
3) Maintaining a network of national health indicator experts for ECHI Indicators and their collection

Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme

Joint Action for ECHIM implements the core tasks of the Health Programme and its Work Plan 2008 (point It is the backbone for implementing comparable health indicators in MSs and at EU-level. It will result in comprehensive and comparable information on health in all MSs. Without its efforts the EU would continue to have very uneven data on health in different MSs without any comparability.

Methods and means

National Institute for Health and Welfare of Finland (THL) (following the merger of National Public Health Institute of Finland (KTL) and National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES) as of January 1st of 2009) will lead the work divided between several R&D centres and led by a Core Group. In each MS local experts will carry out the work. The R&D work and the bilateral negotiations with MS experts result in country specific implementation plans guiding the work of national experts and key persons in the MS administrations. The existing international network of health indicator experts will support both the development of indicators and their implementation in all countries.

Expected outcomes period

New releases of the ECHI shortlist at 2–3 year intervals; a formal method to evaluate and update the ECHI shortlist; country specific guidelines for ECHI shortlist indicator implementation; an ongoing process for implementing health indicators to be implemented in most MSs by 2013; enhanced data and methods for analysing and presenting comparable health indicators in Europe; the first joint analyses and reports on data based on ECHI shortlist indicators by 2011; a website containing all relevant information on ECHI Indicators; an interim Joint Action for ECHIM report on health indicators and their implementation by 2011. Indicators and data will be available through the EC HEIDI System as well as the HEIDI data-tool.

Start date: 01/10/2009
End date: 01/04/2013
Duration: 42 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: Second Programme of Community action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
EC Contribution: € 1 498 473,00
Portfolio: Health indicators