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Aids and Mobility Europe 2007 - 2010 [A & M 2007-2010] [2007323] - Project
General objectives

The main aim of AIDS & Mobility Europe (A&M) is to reduce HIV vulnerability of migrants and mobile populations in Europe, through the development, implementation and promotion of appropriate policies and measures. The proposal for Aids & Mobility 2007-2010 is brought forward by a migrant-based organisation and a network of more than 20 partners across the EU and in Turkey. It is based on 15 years of successful co-operation of the expanding network of AIDS & Mobility Europe and on the trans-cultural mediator system (MiMi) established by the Ethno-Medical Centre (EMZ), in Germany.

Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme

HIV/AIDS prevention in migrant populations has been singled out as a key component in reducing the spread of HIV in Europe. Furthermore, activities aiming to build sustainable capacity are being prioritized and young people have been identified as a particularly vulnerable group. The project will contribute by generating new data about knowledge, atitudes and practices and at the same time provide an intervention based on the establishment of the cultural mediator system experience. It will supplement prevention efforts in migrants’ communities.

Methods and means

The project aims to explore the potential for reporting on health determinants and knowledge through capacity building and outreach in a trans-cultural mediator system approach. It will be
- consolidating the existing network structures and extending the network into new EU Member States / candidates countries,
- reviewing previous experience, adapting one key concept, guidelines and toolkits for establishment of sites for training community based mediators in an innovative health education system for migrants and ethnic minorities,
- establishing structured trans-cultural mediator training,
- conducting educational group sessions on HIV/AIDS held by mediators within their specific communities and evaluating feedback in order to expand the evidence base on the mediator system approach for migrant groups,
- disseminating results on the capacity building campaign through the existing wide range of A&M communication channels (ensuring the sustainability of the capacity building campaigns),
- designing adequate strategies by expert working groups in response to the results of the capacity building work, and
- Influencing European and national policy making by promoting the adequate strategy (ensuring the sustainability of the capacity building campaign).

Expected outcomes period

As a result the project will expand on the work of previous years and enrol new partners and networks. In at least five countries more than 100 migrants will be recruited and trained and a total of more than 2,000 young migrants (up to 20,000) will be reached through community based group sessions. (Self-) Evaluation will strengthen the approach and form a basis for professional development of health education in migrant communities. In the end a new standard approach to HIV-prevention could be established across Europe and further promoted as a key technology in HIV prevention, care and antidiscrimination. It is expected that some mediators will start their own social enterprise in health promotion and prevention for migrant communities - contributing to a sustained response in containing the HIV epidemic. The trans-cultural mediator system approach could be further expanded through this proposal into other fields of education and social integration.

Start date: 15/07/2008
End date: 15/07/2011
Duration: 36 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: First Programme of Community action in the field of public health (2003-2008)
EC Contribution: € 499 766,31