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Responsibility & Partnership – Together against HIV / AIDS [TAHA] [2006304] - Project
General objectives

The project aims to promote cooperation between governmental and nongovernmental organisations in combating HIV/AIDS in the European Union and neighbouring countries.

Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme

The conference being organised is part of the action plan of the communication from the Commission on combating HIV/AIDS within the European Union and in neighbouring countries.

Methods and means

The project will organise a conference to create a forum where politicians and policymakers can meet with non-governmental and community-based organisations for exchange of expertise, experience and good practice and for building partnerships and networks.

Expected outcomes period

Most of the results of the project are means to achieve the overall aim to combat the raising numbers of HIV/AIDS infections and to reduce the HIV/AIDS prevalence in all European countries.
Stronger cooperation between governments and consolidated actions between governments and civil society.
The exchange of experience and good practice shall lead to improved and well-targeted prevention programmes and a reduction of the obstacles at political level.
A conference declaration.
A background brochure/pre-conference booklet will inform about best practice projects in Europe.

Start date: 01/10/2006
End date: 01/01/2008
Duration: 15 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: First Programme of Community action in the field of public health (2003-2008)
EC Contribution: € 289 657,00