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National policies for EHR implementation in the European area: social and organizational issues [EHR-IMPLEMENT] [2006112] - Project
General objectives

The general objective of EHR-IMPLEMENT is to collect, analyse and compare broad scale electronic health record (EHR) implementations among European countries and provide best practice, policy and strategic recommendations to facilitate EHR implementation initiatives throughout Europe.

Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme

Implementation of EHR at a national level constitutes a radical innovation for healthcare. Along with technical challenges, EHR implementations face several political, social and organisational issues which are often overlooked.
Acknowledging that EHR success needs to engage all stakeholders, manage organisational changes and alleviate resistance, EHR-IMPLEMENT aims to examine political, social and organisational factors influencing large-scale EHR
implementations, and identify best practices.

Methods and means

Through a case-study approach, the project will perform an in-depth comparison and assessment of six national EHR initiatives, and will conduct a focused survey on EHR implementation strategy and actions at a European level. Overall, the project will engage high-level scientific experts and national authorities into knowledge exchanges, and will formulate recommendations facilitating the dissemination of EHR in the European member and associated countries and assisting the European Union in achieving its e-health objectives.

Expected outcomes period

Methodological: development of a unified framework and analytical grid for analysing and comparing national EHR implementation efforts.
Informational: delivery of six national case reports based on the common analytical grid and in-depth assessment of national strategies, policies and practices of EHR implementation process; knowledge about national EHR
implementation strategy and plan collected by a focused survey encompassing the 27 Member States.
Strategic: policy and practice recommendations to facilitate EHR dissemination in Europe.
Network building for European e-health research and practice.

Start date: 01/05/2007
End date: 01/05/2010
Duration: 36 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: First Programme of Community action in the field of public health (2003-2008)
EC Contribution: € 372 560,00
Portfolio: Healthcare, eHealth