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European Global Oral Health Indicators Development Phase II [EGOHID II] [2005113] - Project
General objectives

General objective is to support European Member States in their efforts to reduce the public heath impact of morbidity and disability related to oral diseases. As part of the Health Information and Knowledge System, the oral health project objective is to provide quality, relevant and timely data, information and knowledge in order to support public health decision-making at European, national, sub-national and local level. Choosing the most relevant set of data indicators, an up-to-date information technology, methods and relevant statistical analysis, represent some of the essential steps to assure a functional Health Information System. The objectives of the programme are in line with those of the public health Community action programme (2003-2008): 1. To strengthen the health system performance through a better system organization. 2. To improve the quality of the health information while facilitating Member States cooperation 3. To encourage the development of relevant and action-oriented community health policies with priority focus at reducing health inequalities.

Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme

Health information strand. More specifically, this project is embodied in the European public health surveillance policy health. It contributes to reducing disease morbidity in children and vulnerable populations, it promotes equality of populations in addressing the specific needs of the least advanced countries. The Programme 2002-2003 European Global Oral Health Indicators (SPC 2002472) has identified and harmonized essential indicators of oral health - problems, determinants and risk factors related to lifestyle of critical oral health care, its quality of care and of essential health resource. The next step –EGOHIDP Phase II- according to existing morbidity projects DG SANCO ( ECHI, EUROHIS, ISARE, …) to establish methodological criteria for collection of data to implement and promote oral health indicators in an operational way in order to be able to support and achieve the overall objectives

Methods and means

Under the coordination of the main partner and with the identification of a principal investigator and the establishment of a research group, the project should be divided into 6 stages that would reflect the task under each of the four sub objectives in close respect with the three categories of core indicator recommended and described by the EGOHIP Phase I. Thus the development of recommended common instrument should comprise: Step 1: Harmonization of knowledge from the EGOHIP Phase I for the new Union states member that will help decision-makers to promote and improve the global oral health promotion, quality of care and surveillance of people in Europe, and to be operational in the EGOHIDP Phase II Step 2: Review and analysis of the existing instrument resources for the monitoring and control of oral health in Europe including 2 axes of research and development Goal 1. Review and analysis of the global ( Health and Oral Health) existing instrument resources (Health Interviews, Clinical Interviews) in the literature for the monitoring and control of health Goal 2. Review and analysis of the existing Oral Health instrument resources (Health Interviews, Clinical Interviews) used in national surveys for the monitoring and control of oral health in Europe Step 3 and 5: Development of a common draft instruments catalogue including questionnaire, translation process and fundamental methods guidelines for National Oral Health Interviews Surveys, for National Oral Health Clinical Surveys including "sentinelle network" and for National Oral Health Provider Surveys Step 4: Development of Pre-test Collaborative Study of common instrumental sub-national level Goal.1. EGOHIDP Pre-Test 2007 of common instrument for Oral Health Interviews Surveys Goal.2. EGOHIDP Pre-Test 2007 of common instrument for Clinical Oral Health Surveys Goal.3. EGOHIDP Pre-Test 2007 of common instrument for Oral Health Interviews Providers Surveys Step 6: Communication, diffusion of the information and promotion of the EGOHIP Phase II outcomes

Expected outcomes period

Work package 1: Coordination of the project; Work package 2: Dissemination of the results; Work package 3: Evaluation of the project; Work package 4: Harmonization of the knowledge; Work package 5: Oral Health Interviews and Clinical Surveys: Overviews; Work package 6: Oral Health Interviews Surveys: Guidelines; Work package 7: Epidemiological and Clinical Oral Health Surveys: Guidelines; Work package 8: Oral Health Providers Interviews: Guidelines; Work package 9: Pre-test Collaborative Study of Common Instrument

Start date: 01/01/2006
End date: 01/05/2008
Duration: 28 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: First Programme of Community action in the field of public health (2003-2008)
EC Contribution: € 1 077 524,00