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Reduction of Health Inequalities in the Roma Community [-] [2004303] - Project
General objectives

5 general objectives :
1.To gather the health information available in Roma community in order to develop actions and recommendations to improve health policies and intervention strategies by disseminating results to health stakeholders and policy-makers.
2.To mobilise public administrations through awareness raising and train them to tackle health inequalities within the Roma community.
3.To identify the good practices and create a forum for their transfer among public and private European entities for the improvement of healthcare to Europe`s Roma population.
4.To train and transfer skills to Roma health agents/mediators in order to help Roma population to have access and use mainstream health services ; To train and transfer skills to health services professionals as regards to intervention strategies with the Roma community.
5.To promote synergies between public/ private sphere (health centres, hospitals, social organizations, networks, competent public administrations, Roma representatives, etc).

Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme

Strand 3 - Health Determinants.
Action : Promoting health and prevent disease through addressing health determinants across all policies and activities.
Area of activity : Socio-economic determinants of health.

Methods and means

Based on a network structure, with a prepared staff hosted in the leader organisation and the associated partners integrated in sSteering Committee, the methodology integrated the following characteristics: Participatory methodology appropriate to integrate, experiences and lessons learned of partners; flexibility of instruments and actions defined according to particularities in different contexts; binomial logic: Public Administation-Civil Society partnership; clear definition of partners` responsabilities. The main methods used for the implementation of the project were the network and partnership work, connecting national and trans-national spheres, intervention methodology tailored to Roma community, empowering and training health professionals, technical assistance and accompanying actions and communication and information circulation. Institutional political changes and withdrawal of partner organisations as a consequence of such change was the main risk.

Expected outcomes period

6 work packages on those main issues:
- n° 1 - Coordination of the Project: Creation of the platform in charge of promotion strategies and actions addressed at improving Roma community helth standards to the mainstream society average. Follow up of the national actions ;
- n° 2 - Dissemination of results ;
- n° 3 - Development of an information gathering system (quantitive and qualitative) on health status of Europe`s Roma Community complementary to the existing one ;
- n° 4 - Analysis of health inequalities suffered by Roma populations and withdrawal of conclusions: diagnosis, health indicators, best practices ;
- n° 5 - Training and empowerment of key stakeholders in healthcare assistance to the Roma Community ;
- n° 6 - Technical assistance provided to public and private entities working in health field with the Roma Community, on methodology, intervention tools, good practices, etc...

Start date: 01/01/2005
End date: 01/01/2007
Duration: 24 month(s)
Current status: Finalised
Programme title: First Programme of Community action in the field of public health (2003-2008)
EC Contribution: € 476 500,00