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MEnTal hEalth: fOcus on Retention of healthcare workers [METEOR] [101018310] - Project
Project abstract

The main objective of METEOR is three-fold. First, we will enhance knowledge on the determinants of job retention, as well as on the already successfully implemented interventions and retention policies from literature. Second, we will identify and analyse the main determinants related to retention across the 8 participating hospitals in 4 European countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, and Italy). Third, we will develop policy recommendations through continuous stakeholder engagement. The knowledge acquired through these steps will be iteratively integrated into an accessible and searchable online toolbox.
Activities: (1) Conduct two systematic reviews, one on the determinants of job retention and one on retention interventions; (2) Conduct a document analysis of micro-level policy documents on retention in the 8 hospitals; (3) Develop a questionnaire to assess job retention in the 8 hospitals; (4) Apply the developed questionnaire to collect and analyse data on the main determinants related to job retention in a representative sample of healthcare workers; (4) Organize workshops with key stakeholders to develop policy recommendations; (5) Develop an online toolbox.
Persons benefiting from the project: We will undoubtedly have an impact on the target stakeholders in the participating hospitals (e.g. 930 physicians and 1300 nurses in the Local Health Facility of Agrigento), but we will potentially also affect stakeholders in the consortium countries and beyond.
Expected results: (1) Increase knowledge on retention determinants, interventions and policies; (2) Develop policy recommendations with key stakeholders; (4) Communicate and disseminate our knowledge through an online toolbox.
Outputs to be produced: (1) Two systematic reviews; (2) Analysis of micro-level retention policies; (2) Analysis of retention determinants in the hospitals; (3) List of policy recommendations; (4) Online toolbox.