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Stronger Together [AAE] [101015472] - Operating Grant
Project abstract

Against the epidemiogical background and evidence that was described in the FPA2018 – 2021, in 2020, AIDS Action Europe (AAE) will continue the work under the three objectives
1. AAE contributes effectively to the HIV, TB and hepatitis response in Europe
2. AAE provides platforms to communicate and facilitate collaboration, networking, and linking and learning
3. Continuous improvement of network collaboration through governance and internal management.

Herewith we will continue focusing on the following six core thematic areas identified by our members and partners:
- Community based voluntary counselling and testing
- Affordability of medicines
- Tackling legal barriers in the response to HIV, TB and hepatitis
- Criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission
- Sexual and reproductive health and rights
- Tackling stigma and discrimination

The application for the SGA 2021 is written in times when due to the SARS CoV-2 - Coronavirus the planning of activities for the next year is extremely difficult. AAE will implement the activities planned in the FPA for 2021 as much as possible, taking into consideration risk-mitigation scenarios in case that restrictions entail the adaptation of activities, for instance by conducting meetings online rather than face-to-face or other format changes. There are indications that, even if the Corona-Virus situation is improving, it will have a profound impact on collaboration, communication and content of international work in the field of HIV, viral hepatitis and TB. This application reflects also cross-sectional acivities when the expertise from the HIV, TB and viral hepatitis field for instance in tackling discrimination and stigma, criminalisation or affordability can be transferred to the Coronavirus situation.