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Joint Action to Strengthen Health preparedness and response to Biological and Chemical terror attacks. [JA TERROR] [101003855] - Joint Actions
Project abstract

Europe have experienced several terror attacks in recent years. Health preparedness and cross sectoral response also involves planning for terror attacks including biological or chemical agents. To be better prepared to handle these types of terror attacks EU have set up a call, as part of the Third Health Programme 2014-2020, to develop a proposal for Joint Action to Strengthen Health Preparedness and Response to Biological and Chemical Terror Attacks. This acronym for the Joint Action is JA BICTRA.

The JA BICTRA is under development, and the main objectives are to (1) to address gaps in health preparedness and (2) the urgent need to strengthen cross-sectoral work with the security, civil protection and health sectors.
The coordinator, has in the development of the proposal, focused on attracting relevant technical expertise from health, law enforcement and civil defense sectors to support delivery on the main objectives.
The work of the Joint Action will be done in eight work packages. Four of which are core work packages: coordination, dissemination, evaluation and integration & sustainability. And four technical work packages that will be addressing the following areas: preparedness and response planning, cross sectorial collaboration, risk and crisis communication and novel threats.
The proposal is supported by 18 applicants, and at the time of submission it includes 34 affiliated entities. If successful, the project will have a running time of 36 months.