As of 14 December 2019 (date of application of the Official Controls Regulation (OCR) – Regulation (EU) 2017/625), the use of Common Health Entry Documents (CHEDs) became mandatory for the entry into the EU of animals and goods under Article 47 of the OCR. CHED-P is the Common Health Entry Document for consignments of products of animal origin, germinal products and animal by-products (referred to in Article 47(1) (b) of OCR) subject to official controls upon their entry into the Union.

The CHED-P is issued by the operators responsible for the consignment (RFC). The purpose of the CHED is:
  • for the RFC to pre-notify the competent authorities of the border control post (BCP) of the arrival of the consignment (Part I)
  • for the competent authorities to record the outcome of official controls performed and any decisions taken on that basis (Part II)
  • for the competent authorities to include information on follow-up measures taken on the consignment after a decision has been taken (Part III).