ECAS becomes "EU Login"

The European Commission's main authentication service (ECAS) has gone through a major redesign phase to make it more user-friendly. More than a new look and feel, its name also changed to "EU Login".

Here is some information to help you adapt to this update.

  • Why "EU Login"?

    "EU Login" is an explicit name that can easily be understood across all our supported languages.

  • Do I have to change anything?

    If you already have an ECAS account, you don't have to do anything.
    In EU Login, your credentials and personal data remain unchanged. You can still access the same services and applications as before.
    You just need to use your e-mail address for logging in.

  • How is it easier than before?

    Previously, the first time you used ECAS, you had to indicate your domain of origin via the page "Where are you from?".
    Now, with EU Login, you no longer need that extra step. Your domain of origin is determined from your e-mail address.
    All that remains is to choose your preferred type of identification (by default, your e-mail address and password).

  • Are there any new functionalities?

    With EU Login, you can also log in with your social media account (Facebook, Twitter or Google+).
    This option will not be available immediately for existing systems, but will be added gradually.
    Be aware that some services might require you to authenticate with additional levels of clearance.
    For example, European Commission employees may not be able to access several in-house services if they authenticate with their personal Twitter account (instead of their usual European Commission credentials).
    This is why, if you already have an existing ECAS account, we recommend that you keep using that same account as if nothing had changed.

  • I'm stuck / don't know what to do / am experiencing a problem, who should I get in touch with?

    Please follow the instructions provided in the Contact page.