How EU Login uses cookies

EU Login is the European Commission's central authentication service and uses cookies to enable you to log in to different applications without re-entering your e-mail address and password. These cookies do not contain any personal information and will be removed when no longer required or needed.

In accordance with Recital 54 of Regulation 2018/1725, the Commission should protect the information related to the terminal equipment of users accessing its publicly available websites and mobile applications, in accordance with the Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. Therefore, we are using the following types of cookies:

  • Authentication cookies
  • User-centric security cookies
  • Technical or function cookies

Authentication cookies

These cookies belong to the operational cookies category and will only be used during the lifespan of your authentication session with EU Login. Once your EU Login session expires or when you log-out, these cookies are automatically invalidated/removed/deleted.

Name Purpose Cookie type and duration
__Secure-CASTGC Identifies your session Session
Duration: deleted after you quit your browser
__Secure-ECAS_SESSIONID Identifies the current Central Authentication Service session Session

Duration: deleted after you quit your browser

User-centric security cookies

We set these cookies to detect potential abuses of your account and request a re-entry of your password or set a higher security level if required.

Name Purpose Cookie type and duration
ECAS_PREFS Remembers your settings and preferences:

user id, username, acknowledged cookie policy, high contrast mode, privacy mode, view account details after login, last strength selected
Secure first party cookie

Duration: 3 years
MyEcasDomain Remembers your domain First party cookies

Duration: 3 years

Technical cookies

Cookies that are strictly required for the correct/proper technical functioning of EU Login.

Name Purpose Cookie type and duration
lang The selected language of the user on either the login screen or the Who Am I page. First party cookie

Duration: 3 years

For your security, some of these cookies are secured and encrypted against abuse by other applications.

In the absence of (either by deleting or not accepting) these cookies, not only will you will be requested to re-enter your e-mail address when logging in and asked to select a verification method, but you will also lose the ability for single sign-on and proper functioning of the application. Without the language cookie, your default language will be English.

The European Commission corporate cookie policy can be accessed via this link: