EU Login, the European Commission Authentication Service, enables you to access various Web applications centrally, using the same e-mail and password.
EU Login is a separate entity from the applications it protects. Once you have logged in, what happens depends on the application protected by EU Login, not on EU Login itself.

Having problems with the EU Login service or with your personal e-mail or password?

External users important note:

Please be advised of the following before proceeding further:

  • If your username was assigned by a Commission service provider or another support team, please contact them in the first place. Each application should have a contact page for which you do not have to login.
  • Make sure you read and tried the suggestions provided through the help link on the login page.

To help us help you as efficiently as possible:

1. Please gather the following information:

  • the username or e-mail address of the account(s) involved
  • the nature of your relationship with the Commission (short-term contract, permanent contract, seconded national expert, service provider, external user?)
  • the name of the application you are trying to access
  • how you are accessing this application (including its URL, which should be different than the EU Login URL)
  • the source of the URL you are using (e-mail, link on website, bookmark, colleague, etc)
  • a detailed description of the issue
  • if possible, one or more screenshots showing the issue: the address bar showing the webpage accessed and the step immediately before the problem arises
  • any other information that might help us identify the reason for the problem
    (e.g. in the event of a problem with SMS authentication: your mobile telecoms provider, the country where the mobile subscription is based, your current location, the last time you requested the SMS, the last time you successfully received it, etc.)

2. If you haven't done so already, register an incident with the EU Login External Support for the "ACCESS-RIGHTS" team and provide the information listed under the previous point.

To register an incident, contact (in order of preference):

When opening this ticket, you will be assigned a reference number enabling your request to be tracked.
If you send an e-mail to follow up an existing incident, please give the incident reference ("IM00xxxxxxxx") in the subject line.