New e-Single Form 2021 testing

Dear Partners,

We wanted to thank you for the high number of participants in the testing of the new Single Form 2021.

As the new Single Form is to be released prior to 01.01.2021, we will need some more time to make the final adjustments that will come out of the tests carried out. To that end, may we kindly ask you to:
  • Conclude your tests by the end of this week on 23.10.2020
  • Provide us with your feedback by Monday 26.10.2020 COB
  • No longer apply to be a tester as the testing period is reaching the end

As previously communicated, we will then aggregate all feedback and provide you with information on the topics that will be adressed, the changes that will be made and the ones that will not.

Thank you once again for your active participation and collaboration in helping us shaping the best tool possible for you.

Single Form Development and Support teams

Welcome to APPEL

APPEL is the application for electronic exchange of information between Directorate General Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO) and its partners (Non Governmental Organisations - NGOs, International Organisations - IOs, the United Nations - UN, and Member States Specialized Agencies - MSSA).

APPEL has several functions:

  • It gives existing DG ECHO partners the opportunity to update their administrative data necessary for the management of agreements,
  • it allows for the periodic transmission of operational and financial information,
  • it allows for the submission of electronic proposals, and
  • it gives organisations, which are not yet DG ECHO partners, the venue through which to apply for the signature of a Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA).

In order to be able to connect to APPEL, you will first need to create a European Commission Login (EU Login) account. Each user in your organisation must create his/her own EU Login account. An EU Login account is thus personal and consists of a single identifier (e-mail address, password), which can be used in all European Commission information systems protected by the EU Login.

  1. : if you do not have an EU Login identifier yet, you will first need to create an EU Login account by clicking on the link "Create an EU Login account".
    1. When you are redirected to the page of the European Commission Login (EU Login), click on the link "Create an account".
    2. You must fill in all the required information and provide your business e-mail address. This e-mail address should not refer to a functional mailbox used by several people in your organisation at the same time; it must be an e-mail address which has been personally assigned to you by your organisation.
    3. After that, a request for confirmation of your registration will be sent by e-mail and you will have to reply to it within a limited period of time (24 hours).

    A help menu (FAQ) on EU Login is available at the page of the European Commission Login (EU Login).It can be accessed by clicking on the link "Help" located at the bottom of the page.

  2. : if you already have an EU login account (that you either created for connecting to APPEL or that you created for connecting to another European Commission information system such as PADOR), please use this account (e-mail address, password) to connect to APPEL by clicking on the link "Connect to APPEL".