PART I Details of Dispatched Consignment - As EO/LAU/CCA


On the homepage, click on “Certificates” and then on “EU Import”

Click on the green button located on the top-right hand side of the window entitled “+ New EU IMPORT

You have 3 options to select the commodity:

  • Select it from the list of CN code (example: 0301)
  • Type the name or the CN code of the animal (example: tuna/0301)
  • Click on the ‘+’ to filter the commodities by species (example: thunnus alalunga)


Select the commodity code from the list. Click on “Done”.

Note: Different commodity codes can be selected simultaneously.

Note: you can still delete, add or modify in the document, box I.29.

Tip: Use the short-cut tool on the right-hand side of the certificate in order to navigate easily between the boxes.

Note: All of the boxes marked with a red asterisk * are mandatory


Box – I.1. Consignor/Exporter

To fill in this box, it is possible to:

Start typing the name of the consignor and select a company from the drop down list that pops out.

Select a company from the “Favorites operators” list, by clicking on the grey star. To register an operator in your “Favorites”, run an advanced search, find the correct option and tick the star at the left side. This will register this operator as your favourite.

Run an advanced search by clicking on the “Advanced…” button and add some filters by clicking on the small “+” button on the right. Once the correct match is selected, the “Name”, “Country” and “ISO Code” of the company are automatically completed.

It is also possible to click on “Edit” to modify the content of the box or to clear it and select another consignor, clicking on the “Clear” button.

Tip: You can see the details of the selected establishment by clicking on the three dots:


Box – I.2. Certificate Reference

It is possible to add a local reference number to the IMPORT. This box is optional.

Box – I.2.a TRACES Reference

The IMPORT reference number will be automatically allocated by the system once you save as draft and/or once you submit the IMPORT.

Box – I.3/I.4. Central/Local competent authority

These boxes will be automatically populated by the system once you fill the box I.11 Place of loading.


This box will be filled only in some cases. For example, if the IMPORT has been replaced, the link to the replaced IMPORT will be indicated in this box.

Box – I.5. Consignee

To fill in this box, follow one of the procedures described for box I.1.

Tip: After completing the boxes I.1 and I.5, you can already “Save as Draft” the Part I of the IMPORT and complete it later.

Box – I.6. Responsible for the consignment in EU

If you know the responsible for the consignment in the EU, then indicate it in this box following one of the procedures described for box I.1.

Box – I.7/I.8 Country/Region of origin

These boxes will be automatically populated once you filled the box I.25 Identification of the commodity > Manufacturing plant.

Box – I.9. Country of destination

Chose in the drop-down menu the country of destination of the consignment.

Box – I.10. Region of destination

This box only needs to be filled when the legislation applies.

Box – I.11. Place of dispatch

Indicate here the holding/establishment from which the animals or the products come from. To fill in this box, follow one of the procedures described for box I.1.

Box – I.12. Place of destination

Indicate the place where the animals or products are sent for final unloading.

To fill in this box, follow one of the procedures described for box I.1.

Box – I.13. Place of loading

Indicate the place where the animals are loaded or the final place where the products are to be loaded in the means of transport for the journey to the EU.

To fill in this optional box, follow one of the procedures described for box I.1.

Box - I.14 Departure date time

In this box, indicate the date when the means of transport departs (for products) or the date and time at which the animals are scheduled to leave in their means of transport (for animal).

Click on the small calendar icon to choose the date and click on the box to select the exact time (in hours and minutes).

Tip: By clicking the small clock icon, you will set the time to the current date and time.

Date of arrival

Indicate the estimated date and time of arrival. This box is optional.

Transportation duration

This box will be automatically filled once the boxes I.14 departure date time and date of arrival have been filled.

Box – I.15. Means of transport

Click on “Add means of transport” to select the means of transport by which the consignment arrives at the BCP. You have the choice between “Rail”, “Road vehicle”, “Airplane” or “Ship”.

Complete the requested fields. If the means of transport already exists in the system, it will appear in the drop-down list while typing. Select it.

If it does not exist yet, complete the fields and click on the green button “+ Create”.

Note: You can add several means of transport and order them by dragging the items with the double sense arrows on the left.

Box – I.16. Entry BIP in the EU

In order to add an entry BIP, click on “Select EU entry BIP

Type the name of the entry BIP and click on “search” or proceed to an advanced search.

Click on “Select

Box – I.17. Accompanying documents

The purpose of this box is to provide any other relevant documents.

Click on the button “Add Accompanying Document” or “Add Certificate Reference”:

Add Accompanying Document

Choose the type of document from the corresponding drop-down list and enter all relevant information, such as “Number”, “Date” and “Country”.

If you wish to upload a file, then click on the “Select file(s)” button. Don’t forget to click on “✓ Apply”.

Add Certificate Reference

The certificate reference is the reference of a certificate that is issued in TRACES. Fill in the number of the certificate.

Note: It is possible to add several accompanying documents and to order them by dragging and dropping the items with the double sense arrows on the left. Only the first document will be shown in the PDF version of the IMPORT.

Box – I.18. Transport conditions

Tick one of the options available. The options may change according to the CN code chosen.

Box – I.19. Container No/ Seal No

When applicable, indicate the container number and seal number.

Box – I.20. Certified as

Select the correct option for the intended use of the consignment. The options displayed depend on the CN code selected.

Box –I.21. / I.22. Purpose

Select the purpose of the movement of the animals/products. If necessary, complete the requested information by clicking on “Advanced”.

Box - I.21. “For transit”

When the consignment, coming from a third country, will pass through the EU territory to arrive to its final destination in another third country. (E.g. Senegal – France – Canada)

Chose the destination 3rd country in the drop-down list.

Box – I.22 “For internal market”

When consignment is intended to be placed on the European Union market. Tick the “definitive import” box.

Box – I.25. Identification of the commodity

The purpose of this box is to complete the mandatory sections depending of the commodity.

Note: The information of the “Country of origin” is mandatory and will be automatically copied in Box I.7

+ Add new commodity” or “Modify commodities” will allow you to add a CN code or change the CN code selected.

The box “certification model” is automatically filled depending on the model you selected when chosing the CN code at the beginning of your IMPORT. You can modify the model by clicking on “Change”.

"Remove" will delete the selected commodity from the document.

"Clear identifications" or "+Add identifications" will affect the lines of commodities included in the document. You can also delete, modify or add rows by clicking on the small icons on the right side of the box.

Tip: you can add 5, 10, 50 or 100 rows at once by clicking on the arrow.

In the part “Commodity

Type the species and/or select it in the ones proposed in the drop-down menu.

Select one of the option in the “nature of commodity” box

To fill in the box “Manufacturing plant”, click on “Select” and follow one of the procedures described for box I.1. If the manufacturing plant is kept in your favourites, click on the little star button.

Fill the box “Package count” and “Net weight”. Do not forget to chose the unit by clicking on the grey “unit” button to chose the correct package/unit :

Select one of the options in the "Product type" box.

In the part “Quantity totals

Fill the box I.24. total gross weight and chose the correct unit by clicking on the unit button. The boxes I.23 Total number of packages and I.24 Total net weight will be automatically filled according to the rows of the commodity.

Box – Identification of applicant

The box will be automatically filled when you click on “Submit for Certification” on the bottom-right of the window.

Once the document is submitted, the status will change to “NEW”. The authority has access to the IMPORT to complete Part II and take the decision.

Note: the 3C operator can still modify PART I when the IMPORT certificate is still at the submission stage (Status “NEW”). Once the operator has done the modifications, do not forget to click on “Submit for Certification” once again in order to save the changes.

Error message

If you filled in any of the boxes incorrectly, or missed a box, an “Error” message will appear. Click on the “expand” sign on the right-hand side of the error message to read the message in more detail. Click on each of the messages to be redirected to the box that requires modification.

Do not forget to submit for Decision again once you have corrected the boxes.


Success! You have successfully completed PART I of the IMPORT!

Other options

At the bottom of the page, you will have the following options:

By clicking on the “More” button you can:

Delete”: allows you to delete the IMPORT.

Copy as new”: create a new IMPORT in which most boxes are copied from the original document. The original IMPORT is not altered in any way if you decide to perform this action.

By clicking on the button “Preview PDF”, it will open the document as PDF.

By clicking on “Advanced Print Options”, it will open to open the language selection and print the PDF in several languages at the same time.