Request a new user access profile in TRACES.NT

Note: When accessing TRACES NT for the first time, click on Sign up for TRACES In the box named "Do not have an account?" on the welcome page. This redirects you to the EU Login page. Please also consult our information on creating a new EU Login account.

  1. Open the Traces NT page here: and click on Log into Traces.

Note: You will be redirected to the EU login page where you can enter your credentials (user name and password).

  1. On the login screen you can select a role in TRACES: Operator, Organic Control Body (as indicated, exclusive for the organic domain) or Authority.

    In this table below, find a small description of each role in TRACES NT.

    OperatorEconomic Operators such as particular businesses, stores, non-profit organisations
    Organic Control BodyControl bodies listed in Annex III and Annex IV of the Commission Regulation (EC) No 1235 or an EU Control Body

    Competent Authority such as Custom Offices, Veterinary Authorities,

    Central Competent Authorities,

    Phytosanitary Authorities

Tip: For a better understanding of all existing roles in TRACES NT, please see also the page Available roles.

Request an access role

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