Create a new EU Login account

Tip: For more information on EU login, please visit the dedicated pages here or contact the EU login application support.

Note: If you already have a valid EU login account but forgot your password, go to Ask for a new password in EU login .

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the EU login page by entering the following address in the browser:

  1. Click on Create an account.

Note: Active members of EU staff do not need to create an account.

  1. On the new page you will be asked to fill in the blanks with the details for the account.

  • First name– Your first name cannot be empty and can contain letters of any alphabet
  • Last name– Your last name cannot be empty and can contain letters of any alphabet;
  • E-mail – An e-mail address that you have access to. You are strongly advised to choose your individual professional email address which must be used to login to TNT-COI.

  • Confirm e-mail– Type your e-mail address again to make sure it is correct

  • E-mail language– The language used when EU Login sends you e-mails, regardless of the language used in the interface. It guarantees that you are able to understand these e-mails even if they were triggered by mistake. EU Login only sends you e-mails to verify your identity or to notifying you about security events affecting your account

  • Enter the code– By entering the letter and numbers in the picture, you demonstrate that you are a human being who is legitimately creating an account. If the code is too difficult to read, click on the button with two arrows to generate a new one

Warning: To create an account in EU login, you need to have a valid e-mail address.

  1. After you have provided all requested information, please enter the code in the requested field and then click on Create an Account.

Warning: Do not forget to tick the box regarding the fact that you have read privacy statement!

  1. At the same time you will receive a confirmation e-mail from EU login to the e-mail account provided in the registration form. Please follow the provided link.

Note: You have a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes to validate your request to create an account. The link expires after that period. After this time, you can make another request by following the same link.
In case you do not receive this automatic email, please visit this page for more information:

  1. After you have clicked on the link (indicated above) from the e-mail, you will be directed to the site where you will be asked to choose a new password for the user name you have created.

Warning: It must contain at least 10 characters and a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

  1. After that, click on submit, the EU login password will be changed and you will be able to successfully log in to EU login.

Warning: After making sure you have an EU login access, you need to request access to TRACES NT specifically. Learn how to do it here: Request a new user access profile in TRACES.NT.

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