Ask for a new password in EU login

If you have forgotten your password or cannot log into EU login, please follow the steps below in order to request a new password.

Note: Logging in with your EU Login user name is no longer possible. Only your email address can be used.

  1. Go to the EU login page by entering the following address into the browser:

Or you can click on the Edit your profile button, and then choose Update my password on EUClosed European Commission login.

  1. Click on Lost your password? in order to request a new one.

  1. Enter the required code and click on "Get a password".

You will receive an e-mail, allowing you to set your new password.

  1. Follow the link in the email and proceed with the requested information: to provide a new password.

Success! You have successfully logged in to EU login.

Note: You could also access EU Login through TRACES.NT to reach the page where you can change your password or update your information details at EU login.

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